We are an exclusive street wear clothing company endorsing an everyday mindset with our looks. We deliver hidden messages on our garments, we have a ton of oversized 70's, 80's and 90's pieces that we pair with more mod looks. 365 garments are hand painted, meticulously shopped with knowledge of different fabrics and their reaction to various methods of recreating the byproduct. The products are hand distressed with a method called TORN.

TORN is a process where the product is ripped with a sharp edged tool giving it what many call the "distressing" look. Recreating anything from bell bottoms into straight legged jeans or pants, button up shirts, both short sleeve and long sleeve, denim jeans, jackets, hand painted caps, joggers, mugs and much more. This graffiti style or what you can call "bad art" print and paint distinguishes the Clothing line in the crowd.

TORN is an acronym standing for There’s Only Right Now, TORN touches the surface on the trust that the only time that exist is now.

TORN focuses more on conscious practices we can offer ourselves to avoid stress, anxiety and worry, which are all related.

  1. I am not my thoughts nor feelings.

  2. I am mindful of my thoughts.

  3. When I am present in the moment, I have full control over my thoughts and feelings.